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additional comments on release.

i feel like the band has essentially subsisted for 7 years as a bedroom project. when the band eventually became a live arrangement, the interpretations of the songs became that of six different people.

behind the live representation that everyone/anyone can see, there is about 85% of us that no one except us witnesses (like any band, anywhere)…i think the ep showcases each face of the douglas firs – as a group, in a live recording situation (sierra metro art studios, practise room, living room, etc), alone at 3am, in a church or a family home. i hope it can be enjoyed in the sense that it reveals a few new facets of the band.

i suppose i assume that people will be at all interested in this kind of exposure because i always appreciate a little honesty that exhibits that a band is not a business (not this one anyway).
the ep is dedicated to all the people who have supported us these last two years. thanks!