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an end of year roundup.

i would like the first album out this year, but it is still held up indefinitely by mastering issues. i began recording the second album in september 2009, and have around 20 songs tentatively recorded already (incomplete of course).

i’ve resigned the first record to being a ‘lost artifact’, and it will get released one day. there’s just no point in talking about it anymore, and no one cares. to exorcise it, what follows is the details for the record, as a way of thanks to those who helped make it possible. details will be posted on here when the record is available – this year, next year, whenever.

thank you:

The Douglas Firs is Neil Insh, with so much gratitude to:
Emma Jane – vocals.
Alison Lilley – vocals.
Andrew Lilley – trombone.
Euan Allardice – trumpet.
Philip James Johnston – saxophone.
Anita Jean Stewart – vocals, saxophone, walking/laughing on track 6.
Michael Angus – vocals.
Sandy Galloway – vocals, stomps, claps.
D. John Ferguson – accordion.
Isaac Beaudet Lefebvre – violin.
Michael Hunter, Neil Duncan, Richie Henderson, Richard Butler – claps, stomps, yelps.

i’d like to emphasise that the Douglas Firs is now a live band: Neil Insh, Emma Jane, Mark Donaldson, Bartholomew Owl, Lila Matsumoto, David Fothergill & Alasdair Reid.

we hope to be playing again in the new year.