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some words, not too many.

first album to be completed by march 2010 at latest, to be released online and on cassette.*

i always intended the first record to be released on tape. i was delighted to find out that there has been a resurgence of cassette use in the last few years – i remember having a conversation with someone who ridiculed the idea, saying ‘no one uses tapes anymore’. not true, it seems.

i became obsessed with them again a few years ago, after my mp3 player broke down too many times. i had a great personal stereo (that had to be taped shut) and used to go for walks listening to albums i had bought off ebay, mixtapes i had made, or, my favourite that stayed in for months – ‘heart and crime’ by julie doiron b/w ‘haunt me’ by tim hecker.

*i have found a great site that sells blank tapes. it’s become a running joke, this first record. i laugh at myself setting deadlines, only for another year to have passed. anyhow, laughing away…

there will be an ep release by my kindly benefactor dave coleman, who runs
(check out his excellent music review site). i’ll post details of availability on here. it’ll likely cost a small amount (just to cover costs) and i might give a cdr of it thrown in with the package.

last piece of news – i will be using another church to finish off the record, the palatial polwarth church. if only i was religious and spent this much time in churches worshipping as i have making the record…