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laptop finally gave up.

after 5 years, my laptop has finally broken beyond all use.
in the past few months the screen had flickered off and required a lamp shining directly onto it to see anything.
someone had broken one of my usb ports, another was really loose, and the third one has now finally come loose too, meaning no recording. i had almost finished the album as well.

solutions, for my own benefit:

1. try and get a new one on insurance.
2. try and fix the delapidated laptop.
3. buy a new one when i’m not as disgustingly poor as i am (could take months)
4. buy a new one on hp (has this not been banned since we’re in recession?)

opinions appreciated.
i’m so frustrated that i’m beyond screaming really loudly, i’m in fact defeated.

favourite listening of late:

herve boghossian – mouvements
autechre – amber, quaristice
various – small melodies comp on spekk
ultra milkmaids – lands

retreating into acceptance.