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haunted church.

Having heard footsteps going up and down a staircase somewhere in Viewforth Church, when all alone, I became convinced it was haunted. I’m not even sure I believe in ghosts, but the place has always had a strange atmosphere. It was initially the sounds from the balcony, as if someone was periodically standing there, that made me feel uneasy. I was also locked out of the church on the same day as the footsteps, with bolt, which could be easily explained but was very unusual. 

It was only last night when someone I met told me his girlfriend wouldn’t walk past the church, positively hated having to go near it… anyway I’ve always suspected spectres could be figments, or projections of our imaginations. I was told that the site of the church had a previous history of paganism, but I have no idea, nor care if this rings true. 
I’ve been planning on recording an album called “Most Haunted” for a while. Maybe I’ll make this the next one.