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north america.

just last week arrived back from a north american excursion.
if anything, it reaffirmed my dislike of the majority of the united kingdom.
there’s a spirit, imagined or otherwise, that does not exist in the british isles, perhaps first established in the frontier period of america’s history (and is quite apparent in the first literature of that era). it is a spirit of independence and adventure, and an overwhelming vastness which seems to encourage these elements. it is particularly prevalent in the canadian countryside.

favourite events were: exploring rocky cliffs, swimming in lake georgia and the slabtown creek, getting lost in dense foliage.

i imagine these events will inform writing projects of my own, as opposed to musical ones. however, if i could make music whilst there, it would perhaps come more naturally. creativity in hindsight suffers from human memorys subconscious recapitulative tendencies, and willingness to summarize at the expense of the full range of emotions one feels in the present.

maybe one day i will return, equipped..

now, i record vocals for a near-finished track (“the big sleep”) in my parent’s shed.
listening mainly to samamidon and au.